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Dr Erkeda

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Dr Erkeda Shares Tips for Well+Good

The Little Mermaid inspires a health care revolution: Breaking silos for equitable, accessible, and innovative solutions

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Boost Your Confidence: 10 Strategies for Unleashing Your Inner Strength

***featuring Dr. Erkeda

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Authority Magazine

Telehealth Best Practices: Dr. Erkeda DeRouen On How To Best Care For Your Patients When They Are Not Physically In Front Of You

Residents at hospital in Queens, NY, strike for three days, seeking pay on par with Manhattan counterparts

Quote: " Erkeda DeRouen, MD, says that an overall mindset shift is necessary, noting that “when [residents] complain, they are generally told to ‘suck it up,’ or, ‘that's the way it has always been.’ This mindset is indoctrinated into physicians so that by the time they are attending physicians, they do not believe that they are able to correctly utilize their voice to advocate for physician well-being and safety.”

DeRouen says that she supports the strikers and that striking can ultimately lead to better long-term care for patients: “As I hear about the Elmhurst residents, it makes me proud to see all that they are doing to work for better treatment,” she says. “Their commitment to advocate for themselves is actually advocating for their patients. Who can give adequate care if they are not getting the care that they need for themselves?"

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Dr Erkeda Featured
in Meditech Today

Menstrual Underwear

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HER Health Collective

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