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Who is Dr Erkeda?

Hey there!

I am Dr. Erkeda DeRouen (pronounced Er-key-dah De-row-in). I love working to inspire people to be their best selves through one on one interactions, podcasting, and speaking engagements. 

I LOVE speaking!

Perhaps, a little too much ;)

I specialize in crafting conversations that address a variety of topics ranging from healthtech, workplace leadership, self-empowerment, health equity, diversity in medicine, and many other hot topics. 

Explore this website and let's connect to schedule a speaking engagement to fit your needs!

One more thing! Don't forget that I am also a healthcare technology subject matter expert. Consulting is what I do. Contact me with your needs.


A Little More About the Doc


Hampton University

Boston University School of Medicine

University of Maryland Family and Community Medicine Residency Program

Board Certifications

Family Medicine

Diversity Medicine


Lifestyle Medicine






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