Speaking Sessions

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Keynote Speaker and Judge


Wellness talks


Pre-Med Motivational Speaking

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Dr. DeRouen, 
Thank you sooo much for joining us as a guest speaker yesterday! We love your page and the passion you have for your field, so we were super excited when we had the opportunity to work with you. It was such a pleasure to have you. You provided us with so much valuable information about telemedicine and how to walk through a case, and we know the attendees also learned so much and were so thankful. There were so many messages in the chat about how amazing and enthusiastic you were and everyone loved the passion and energy you presented with! Thank you so much for your interest in helping us and the support you have been providing. We're so glad that there are physicians like you in the world who are willing to help out students like us

Socially Distanced Shadowers


Focused Talks on Health Disparities

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Blacks in Cybersecurity Winter Conference


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Special Roundtable with Host Rollis Fontenot III

How to keep more MD's in practice without leaving healthcare


Socially Distanced Case Presentations for Students

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