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Dr Erkeda

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Dr. DeRouen was the first speaker in our 'Black Leaders in Medicine' series at the University of North Texas. She provided great insight into the medical profession, and her remarkable story gave hope and inspiration to our students. You can tell Dr. DeRouen is living out her purpose in life. She is energetic, passionate, and incredibly knowledgeable about medicine in the 21st century.

Todd Lang, MS, BBA- Asst. Dean for Health Professions Advising and Univ. of North Texas

I attended a conference where Erkeda DeRouen and I both were keynote speakers at the Global Meeting on Telemedicine and Digital Health based in London. She gave a riveting overview of the history of Telemedicine, the effect of COVID-19 on the industry, and what we have to do in order to move Telemedicine/telehealth forward. She was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and provided a very engaging presentation. I would certainly recommend her for more speaking engagements in the future!

Dr. Rajni Gathibandhe

Dr. DeRouen is an excellent communicator who has been a bright spot on our show. She is relatable, but at the same time able to discuss very difficult topics. I highly recommend her for her public speaking abilities as well as being a guest on my live show.

Rollis Fontenot III- National Speaker, Live Stream Host, Author and Founder of Ascend HR Corp & HR Maximizer Inc

Family Physician - Telemedicine Virtualist - Lifestyle Medicine Physician - Podcaster (3).
physician consultant & speaker

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