Organizational Affiliations


The mission of For(bes) The Culture is to create equitable pathways for Black and Brown professionals. We’re a hub for elite leaders of color who are breaking down barriers and impacting culture globally to connect, collaborate and change. For(bes) The Culture provides a platform that fosters professional development, social consciousness, civic engagement, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship through community service projects, social and cultural outings, personal and professional workshops and seminars, mentoring, tutoring and networking.

Girl Develop It is a nonprofit organization that creates welcoming, supportive opportunities for women and non-binary adults to learn software development skills. Dr. Erkeda serves on the Board of Directors and is the Chair of the New Opportunities and Partnerships Committee

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Young Mothers, Inc's. mission is educating, mentoring, nurturing and supporting young mothers to become self-sufficient for themselves and their families. Dr. Erkeda is an Advisory member of the Board of Directors

Dr. Erkeda serves as an Expert panelist for this organization that aims at improving the lives of moms with a dynamic social community supported by women’s health experts.

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This is a private, invitation-only group is dedicated to idea-sharing and building a peer-to-peer exchange among female leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators in which Dr. Erkeda Is a member.